The arch-nemesis

11. Trees.PNG

The once majestic tree
now rests
in the shade of a tall building
continually contemplating
its magnificent past
while standing in mournful silence,
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The Great Wall of India!

There are a very few people whom we love for no reason or for innumerable reasons, and it’s quite difficult to distinguish between the two. Rahul Dravid, fondly hailed as The Wall, is one such person to me, for whom I have a great liking and admiration for, ever since I knew him. He is one of the greatest cricketers of our time who has faced a lot of ups and downs throughout his career, retired with no World cup or IPL cup or the Champions League T20 cup, and didn’t have “those perfect matches” during the end of his career, yet this cricketer commands most of my love!

10 Rahul Dravid- The Wall

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Dear 2015!

Hey 2015, you were not an easy year, but you happened to be one of the most important years of my life. You can be summed up in one word- ‘new’. You gave me a new start, new experiences, new commitments, new friends, new promises to keep, new dreams to nurture, new strength, new mistakes, new fun, and hope, of the best kind!

9 2015 2016.jpg

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Dark, yet full of light!


I gaze at the eternal blue sky
as it grow into deeper shades of night
studded with a myriad of twinkling stars
reflecting everything
a beautiful night should contain!

With the music of the rushing wind
and the silence of the vast vault sky
the stars gaze at me
as I have my eyes fixed on them
wondering if I could ever reach them!

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Where do we go after death?

This is indeed a hypothetical question which would have arose at least once in every human’s mind. I am no exception and I was equally curious about this, so I made a little (very little) research and found various notions, out of which a bunch has been compiled and brought forth. READ TILL THE END!

According to science we go to an alternate dimension after death. The spirit goes to another universe in the myriad of multiverses that exist outside ours, where the laws of physics and the limits of biology do not apply! – If this is the answer you were expecting from science, no, I’m sorry. In actuality, science doesn’t seem to find an answer for this question!

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Reviving Diwali!

Hi there, happy Diwali!

Well, here comes an entry about Diwali which I had posted in my former and my first blog (Yes, to your surprise, this is not my first blog 😛 ). I thought I would repost it here on the eve of Diwali, so here it goes. Enjoy!


A mom asked her elder kid to explain the story behind Diwali to his bro.

He replied: “So look, this dude Ram was multi talented and had, like a big kingdom and people liked him…
Those days it was a custom for men to perform some brave stunts to get married and so he did to marry Sita…
Soon like his step mom or something, went nuts and wanted her son to
be throned, so she forced her hubby to send this Ram to some kind of jungle…
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The Rudimentary Lady…


It crept in so faintly
that I hardly noticed it coming,
if at all!

All of a sudden it struck me one day,
severely, inexorably and cruelly!

The long day made the usual sunset
seem like the beginning of doom!

Eyes were tired of crying
and had no more tears to shed,
yet tears came rolling
down my shuddering cheeks!

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Round up #1

Welcome to ‘Round up’!

This category will have me share a few lines every Sunday, about things that made me smile, think or moved me the past week. These are not going to be big ones, because I feel that less is more. So here comes, the first of many to come!

We are the same age as the universe, because matter can neither be created nor destroyed!

Are we the same age as the universe?

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The Scent of Pure Love!

It seems just like yesterday instead of years, when I reminisce those days of my childhood, where I had so many friends of my age at school but not even one in my neighborhood. All I had was one friend, an angel at home to play with, who was in her youth when she bore me, who bridged me to this society, who has been and will always be my best friend and companion! I seldom went outdoor to play with friends and spent all my time inside my home, with that angel of mine. It was a wonderful time we spent together, sharing each other’s joys!

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